We are pleased to introduce our new project in London!

We are pleased to introduce our new project in London!

Timber Square is a visionary development with ambitions to achieve zero carbon emissions essentially a decade ahead of the UK Green Building Council's time target. It's being delivered in one of London's most exciting neighbourhoods, Lavington Street in Bankside, not far from the Tate Modern gallery. The 370,000 square feet project comprises two buildings of offices, shops and restaurants: the Print Building, which is being created by converting a former printing plant, and the new Ink Building.

The project is designed as a hybrid with a high proportion of recycled materials or, for example, a high proportion of wood. We will be one of the first façade companies to set the principle and method of fixing an unitised façade to CLT timber slabs in combination with a steel structure.

We appreciate the trust we have been given on this challenging project and look forward to working with the team:

Client: Landsec

Construction Manager: Mace Group

Architect: Bennetts Associates

Facade consultant: FMDC