changes in the management of Sipral

changes in the management of Sipral

With effect from January 1st, 2016 we made the following changes in the management of Sipral:

Dana Petrová, a former R&D director will hold a position of Commercial and Technical director. Her department will offer everything concerning creativity, design, tender preparations and marketing.

The role of Operations director will be taken over by Jiří Mašek on 1/4/2016. He will replace Marek Kysel whose contract shall end in March. The department shall cover fabrication, purchase and logistics, facility management and IT.

Martin Binovec, a Project director, shall continue in managing the department of order implementation and service with a key emphasis on project management.

Václava Kmentová shall continue in her position of a Controlling Director. Controlling and reporting gets new importance in the company structure.

Also Jaroslav Kuneš shall continue as a Finance Director and will take also legal department in his portfolio.

New Director´s Department shall cover central administration, independent quality and HR.

From December 1st Sipral has a new chief executive director (CEO), Mr. Radim Koštial. Together with Leopold Bares who continues to be the only owner of the company they shall carry on developing relations with business partners and searching new business opportunities.