Kavčí Hory

Kavčí Hory
[ 249 ]

accomplishment 2006–2007
investor 4P-IMMO. Praha
architect Ing. akad. arch. Michal Gabriel
type of construction stick system facade, frame constructions, external cladding, shading systems, atypical constructions
type of building administraive
general contractor Hochtief VSB
project volume of the facade 2–3,9 mil. EUR

The land on which Office Park Kavčí Hory was built used to serve as a storage area. The building forms a comb, where the connecting channel links four perpendicular wings with six and eleven above-ground floors and five under-ground ones. From the office complex of 43 000 m2 in rough above ground area there is a beautiful view of Prague and Prague castle. Sipral took part in this project with a complex design, fabrication and supply of the peripheral envelope. Facade construction of individual wings is solved as a combination of ribbon glazing that is set-off the reinforced concrete spandrel to the level of thermal insulation and set-off ventilated cladding with thermal insulation at the place of reinforced concrete spandrel parts. In the ground plan the envelope is solved partially as straight and partially in an arch (western facades). In the place of arch the constructions are made of individual segments that are polygonal-broken so that the shape copied the building ground outline.The envelope is made in a system of ventilated facade claddings done with boards ventilated based on LARSON PCA panels system (panel made of aluminum composite) that is aimed for external claddings of facades anchored in construction. These panels are made within an industrial process on a line. The process consists of continuous gluing of two strips of aluminum alloy along both sides of polyethylene core. System of ventilated facade cladding is based on suspending and fixing the boards on suspension parts (extruded aluminum profile), that are fixed in beams that are anchored in supporting construction which is clad.Facades of the connecting link are made of Schuco all-glazed stick system facade with large-scale glass units. At the level of the first floor there are entrance doorways with automatic doors inserted. In front of these there are all-glazed canopies protecting the entrances against the weather effects. The canopies are suspended on steel tension rods, go through the link facade and are anchored in the reinforced concrete skeleton.Sipral supplied all types of facades on the whole building including entrances and canopies. The project was specific mainly because of its big volume and quite a short time for its realization (6 200 m2 – ribbon windows and stick system facade, 6700m2-bond cladding – ventilated facade, 4 500 m2 external lamella louvers).Manntech cleaning system was an interesting supply since a machine holding an installation platform in front of the facade moves along a concrete track on the building roof along the whole perimeter of the building. A machine on rubber wheels is controlled with a rail that is placed above the track level and guides the machine on a plane as well as in curves.